Help >> How to purchase a program registration

In order to purchase a registration for the GeoSEE program - send a request to purchase a registration.
In the text of the request, indicate the number of workplaces (computers) on which you want to use the registered program, details of your company - name, address, EDRPOU code, account number, MFO bank, full name of the director. Within 2 working days I will prepare a package of documents and contact you.

As a rule, all documents are signed electronically. For example, through the website If necessary, you can accompany the contract with paper documents, but this must be specifically stipulated.

After the conclusion of the contract and payment, if you ordered the program on an electronic key - write to me to which department of Nova Poshta to send the program. If registration was taken on a computer, you must send a request for registration after payment.

In order to send a request for registration after payment, select in the program menu item ?→Request for registration of the full version (after payment) or use the feedback form (you will need to run the program on your computer to find out the computer name and activation code).

In the form that opens, fill in the required fields:
Licensee - the name of your company / organization or your full name if you plan to use the program individually. Please indicate the name of the company exactly the same as indicated in the contract/invoice.
E-mail - e-mail address to which you will be sent a registration key for the trial version of the program.
Computer name and Activation code - if you used the feedback form outside of the program - you need to enter these fields manually. You can find them by selecting the menu item ?→About me... and copying them from the opened form "About the program..."

Within 2 working days, a letter with the registration code for the full version of the program will be sent to the specified address. How to enter it is described here.