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CoordTransf - an auxiliary program, was written to convert coordinates between systems used on the territory of Ukraine. Mainly for converting text files with coordinate tables. The program is easy to set up to convert csv files, text files with fixed width fields. There are saved settings for processing in4, xml, mif, csv, json(GeoJson) files

Attention! If you just need to convert individual exchange files (xml / in4) between coordinate systems - I recommend using GeoSEE. The functionality for transforming coordinates in the exchange file is the same there, but GeoSEE is better acquainted with the xml / in4 format.

Just like GeoSEE, CoordTransf can work with the Ntv2 field. Moreover, for exact transformations between the coordinate systems of the SK42/SK63 family and the USK2000, WGS84, ITRS systems, the presence of a field is a necessary condition. Within these groups of coordinate systems, the exact transformation is carried out without any additional data.
That is, to transfer from CK42 to CK63 or from USK2000 to MSK80 or from MSK21 to WGS84, the field is not necessary.

In the unregistered version of the program, you can convert one point as many times as you like. The registered program gets the ability to work with files and file directories. Also, in the registered version of the program, you can import file format settings or create your own using the "Manage text data formats" section. After the settings of the file format are prepared in the program - you can process the file with the coordinates saved in this format

The program has a built-in list of local coordinate systems derived from SK42 (Kyiv, Vyshgorod...). If you need a local coordinate system that is not in the list - please contact me through the form on the site.