Help >> Convert file format

In order to convert the file format, open the file in the program. Next, right-click on the tab of this file and select the menu item "Generate exchange file in the format ...". (do not confuse with the item "View as an exchange file in the format ..." - it is needed only if it was not possible to determine the format of the file being opened automatically). Select the desired format and click OK

The conversion to an In4 file will happen automatically.

Converting to Xml file - a form for entering the list of documents that make up the technical documentation will be shown. Also on this form, you can enter information about the reference of the normative monetary value, indicating the cost of the NDO, the date of the conduct and the contracting organization that issued the certificate. Contractors are selected from the database of contractors. Only those that are marked with a tick "can produce NDO certificates" are selected.

DB of contractors - is used to obtain extended information about the performer of technical documentation. The attributes of the company will be taken from it, such as code, address, qualification certificate of the performer and other information.
The Xml file in the description of the contracting organization - the performer of the work contains much more information about the contracting organization than in the In4 file. This information will be filled in only if an organization was found in the database of contracting organizations by the name and surname of the contractor specified in the In4 file. Enter in the database of contracting organizations all organizations with executors that are most often found in In4 which you are converting - and you will receive ready-made Xml with correctly filled fields of the Executor key. The path to the file in which the database of contractors is stored can be changed in the settings, on the General tab. You can specify the same file for multiple jobs.